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JMEC CHAIRMAN: Ensure uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid to South Sudans rural communities. November 29, 2016

JMEC CHAIRMAN: “Ensure uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid to South Sudan’s rural communities.”

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission chairman H.E. Festus Mogae, yesterday called on the South Sudan government to ensure an unobstructed flow of humanitarian aid to rural areas of the country in an aim to maintain peace and security.

H.E Mogae said “The violence and the economic crisis have created a downward spiral which needs to be arrested and reversed. The most immediate task the government must do is to ensure an uninterrupted flow of humanitarian aid to the rural populace to sustain them in the rural areas.”

In a speech read on his behalf by JMEC Deputy Chairman Amb Lt. Gen. Augostino Njoroge (Rtd) in Juba on Wednesday at a peace-building workshop convened by the International Institute for Research and Development, H.E Mogae added:

“This will bring peace to the countryside which will stabilize the rural economy. International experience shows that for virtually all countries, economic growth was built on a productive agricultural sector.”

He said the country is in the throes of a deep economic crisis, the roots of which lie in a protracted war and previously poor fiscal and economic management and also noted that a high level of food insecurity prevails in the country due to low agricultural production as people continue to abandon the rural areas to flee violence.

“The economic situation interacts directly with the security situation. Security is a pre-requisite for a stable economy which in turn is a prerequisite for peace, development and prosperity. For any economic progress to occur, the security situation must be stabilized. Once the rural economy is stabilized and government finances are in order, South Sudan can embark on a strategy of sustainable development.”

Speaking during the forum South Sudan’s Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Hon. Peter Bashir Gbandi reiterated his government’s commitment in the peace process.

“We must disseminate messages of peace.Peace is not an easy process. It requires the will of all of us,” he said. “The unfortunate crises has affected the social fabric of South Sudan. Let us mould it again, togther,”

He thanked JMEC for its efforts to encouraging efforts of peace and reconciliation.


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