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Plenary Closing Statement of the JMEC Chairperson, H.E Festus Mogae, Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Juba, South Sudan


Honorable Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen;

  1. I believe that we have had a productive JMEC Plenary today.
  2. I thank the representatives of TGoNU for presenting a summary report on the progress the Government has made so far, as well as its stated continued commitment to the implementation of the Agreement, including measures it is undertaking to address the current economic challenges facing the country.
  3. I must also thank the United Nations for providing a humanitarian update, and the various Boards and Institutions for their reports. To all those who made valuable and constructive contributions today, I say thank you.
  4. From our discussions today, it is clear that the humanitarian situation, and with it the complete cessation of violence, remains the most critical challenge facing the people of South Sudan. Whilst concerted efforts are being made to respond to the overwhelming humanitarian needs, many challenges remain that hinder the timely and effective provision of humanitarian relief, particularly at the local level. I welcome the call for enhanced coordination of efforts of all stakeholders and I hope that this can be expedited immediately.
  5. You will forgive me if I reiterate the key message that summarizes our collective approach. It is clear, I am afraid, that little has changed since we last met – we must continue the search for the means to end the violence and stop the fighting; we must continue to coordinate our efforts to end the crisis of hunger; and we must increase our efforts to engage all parties and communities in South Sudan and establish an inclusive National Dialogue.
  6. I cannot emphasize enough, the need for:
    1. the concerted effort by all leaders, civilian and military, inside and outside South Sudan, to assert control over those loyal to you and bring violence and conflict to an immediate end;
    2. a willingness by all to find a comprehensive and inclusive political resolution to the conflict in South Sudan;
    3. a total commitment by all parties to the conflict to guarantee and facilitate access for humanitarian support, and to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for human rights violations including violence against aid workers;

I thank you.

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