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Honourable Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen;

  1. We have had a good meeting and deliberations today. I want to thank you all for the important issues that were raised and discussed. I also thank the TGoNU, the Special Representative to the Secretary General (SRSG), and Chairpersons of the various boards and commissions who provided briefings today. I hope we shall receive reports from the JMCC and JIP in the next plenary.
  2. Let me also thank the Hon. Minister Martin Elia Lomuro for the update on the progress made in the implementation of the Peace Agreement. We have taken note of the steps being taken to resolve the representation of the Other Political Parties, the training of the JIP and establishment of its mechanisms, the steps being taken to address the humanitarian crisis, the initiation of economic & financial institutional reforms, and the update on the Technical Committee for the Commission for Truth, Reconciliation, and Healing (CTRH).
  3. However, we continue to urge the TGoNU to do more, to address the humanitarian crisis and to expedite implementation of all aspects of the Peace Agreement.
  4. We also thank the UNMISS SRSG for his briefing on the humanitarian situation. It’s clear that the continuation of violence remains the biggest obstacle to our humanitarian efforts. We must therefore CONTINUE to urge the parties to restore and observe the permanent ceasefire, and for the TGoNU to continue its efforts to ensure unfettered delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  5. In this regard, I note the concerns raised by our members on the reported increment of fees to be levied on humanitarian agencies in this difficult time. I urge the TGoNU to take these concerns into account and to ensure that requisite fees do not serve to impede the delivery of much-needed humanitarian assistance to the affected people.
  6. We should also commend the Chairpersons of the Agreement Boards and Commissions for their reports:
  7. NCAC: we commend the NCAC for the progress made so far, and encourage them to continue with the second phase of their work as reported;
  8. CTSAMM: we commend CTSAMM for its report, and take note of all reported incidents of violations of the permanent ceasefire. As JMEC, we urge all parties to observe the ceasefire and take steps to prevent further violations.
  9. SDSR: we welcome the report of the SDSR and commend the board for the efforts to get this important work up to speed. We note with concern the funding challenges affecting the work of the SDSR, and I continue to urge our partners to support this critical work. I urge the TGoNU to support the work of these boards and commissions and provide funding.

Excellencies, Honourable Ministers, Ladies and Gentlemen;

Our meeting today has achieved the following outcomes. We have;

  1. received a detailed briefing from the TGoNU on progress that have been made so far in implementing the Peace Agreement and urged it to do more and expedite the process;
  2. received a briefing from the UNMISS SRSG on the current humanitarian situation in the country, noted his recommendations on steps that needs to be taken to address this crisis;
  3. received reports from all the boards and commissions of the Peace Agreement and commend the modest progress they have made thus far;
  4. commended the Chairpersons and members of all the JMEC Working Committees in the efforts thus far. We also take note of the TGoNUs concerns on how to effectively complement their work. Our understanding is that the Working Committees should meet once a month unless absolutely necessary;
  5. welcomed the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by the government, urged all groups to reciprocate and recommended that practicle steps should be taken to ensure that it is observed and verified by CTSAMM;
  6. Finally, we recieved a presentation from the Civil Society Organisations representative, and welcomed her recommendations to the TGoNU and all of us here.


I thank you


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