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 31, May 2017, Juba, South Sudan

NCAC holds keys talks with Ministry, security experts

In its efforts to enhance inclusive participation of the constitutional amendment process, the National Constitution Amendments Committee (NCAC) continues to consult relevant ministries and experts on the security laws of South Sudan.

The Committee led by the Chairperson, Gichira Kibara yesterday met the Minister for Wildlife Conservation and Tourism, Jemma Nunu Kumba at the Ministry headquarters in Juba.

On Monday, the committee also met security experts drawn from different security agencies and relevant stakeholders at a Juba hotel.

The meetings, Gichira said, are geared towards reaching common understandings before the amendments on the security laws begin.

“That’s why we continue to involve policymakers and experts to ensure the amendments meet the threshold, needs and aspiration of the people of South Sudan,” he said.

The Committee has previously met Interior and National Security ministers.

“We will also facilitate meetings with stakeholders to present our proposal and obtain their inputs,” said the chairperson.

The laws targeted for amendments in this second phase of the committee’s work include the SPLA Act (2009) the National Security Act (2014), the Police Service Act (2009), the Prisons Service Act (2011) and the Wildlife Service Act (2011).

The amendments are made in order to conform them with the Peace Agreement, Gichira said.

On her part, Minister Jemma termed the efforts by the committee as “commendable” and reiterated her support to the work of the Committee.

“We (the ministry) are major stakeholders of this process. We will consult widely and identify what can be amended,” she said.

After the necessary amendments are made, they will be handed over to the Minister of Constitutional Affairs who will in turn forward them to the Council of Ministers.

The Council will then present the amendments to the Transitional National Legislative Assembly for debate and enactment.


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