The NCAC is established under Chapter 1 Article 13 of the ARCSS as one of the organs for implementation of the Agreement. It is comprised of 2 representatives of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS), 2 South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement –In Opposition (SPLM-IO),1 representative of Former Detainees (FDs), 1 representative of Other Political Parties (OPP) and 2 representatives of IGAD.

Its current members are:

  1. Chairperson – Mr. Gichira Kibara, (IGAD)
  2. IGAD Appointee – Amb. Dr. Hassan Ali Hassan (IGAD)
  3. Government of Republic of South Sudan (GRSS)
    1. Hon. Prof Deng Awur Wenyin
    2. Hon. Abraham Biar Deng Biar
  4. iv) SPLM/A – In Opposition (IO)
    1. Hon. Dr. Richard K. Mulla
    2. Hon. John Clement
  5. v) Former Detainees
    1. Hon John Luk Jok
  6. vi) Other Political Parties
    1. Hon. Prof. Ajang Bior Duot