The NCAC is established under Chapter 1 Article 13 of the ARCSS as one of the organs for implementation of the Agreement. It is comprised of 2 representatives of the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS), 2 South Sudan People’s Liberation Movement –In Opposition (SPLM-IO),1 representative of Former Detainees (FDs), 1 representative of Other Political Parties (OPP) and 2 representatives of IGAD.

Its current members are:

  1. Chairperson - Mr. Gichira Kibara, (IGAD)
  2. IGAD Appointee – Amb. Dr. Hassan Ali Hassan (IGAD)
  3. Government of Republic of South Sudan (GRSS)
    • Hon. Prof Deng Awur Wenyin
    • Hon. Abraham Biar Deng Biar
  4. iv) SPLM/A - In Opposition (IO)
    1. Hon. Dr. Richard K. Mulla
    2. Hon. John Clement
  5. v) Former Detainees
    1. Hon John Luk Jok
  6. vi) Other Political Parties
    1. Hon. Prof. Ajang Bior Duot

The core mandate of NCAC is to complete the tasks necessary to prepare for the Transition Period and the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), draft a Constitutional Amendment Bill incorporating the Peace Agreement into the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan of 2011 (TCRSS), and to draft new or amend legislation including the SPLA Act (2009), National Security Act (2014), Police Service Act (2009), Prisons Service Act (2011), Wildlife Service Act (2011), in order to conform to provisions of the Peace Agreement within twelve (12) months of the Transition Period.

The Agreement further provides the Committee with the mandate to make amendments to election – related laws.

Specifically, article 16 provides as follows:

16.1. The National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) shall review the Political Parties Act, 2012, and ensure that the Act complies with international best practices for the free and democratic registration of Political Parties in South Sudan, no later than six (6) months after the signing of this Agreement and present to the Assembly for adoption. The Act shall permit the open registration of Parties until the twelve (12) months prior to National Elections.

The agreement further provides;


16.3. The National Elections Act, 2012 shall be amended to conform with the terms of this Agreement, no later than six (6) months following the signature of this Agreement.